The case of the missing notebook

My talent for losing things has reached its pinnacle. My photography notebook, with all my film, contact sheets and notes, has somehow disappeared. I have no clue where it has gone. All I know is that it was in my house yesterday afternoon, when I showed my roommate Cindy some pictures I had taken of her. From there I believe the little green devil migrated down the hall to Cindy’s room with the rest of my stuff, because we had guests last night, and I was sleeping in her room. When I looked for it this morning, it was gone.

HOW in the name of all that is holy does this happen? I mean, it’s not like I dropped my keys somewhere, or my cell phone. It’s an average sized green notebook with pictures jammed into it. A little hard to miss. So much for going to class…instead I get to play Nancy Drew.


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One response to “The case of the missing notebook

  1. Michael

    Did the good fairy move it while cleaning?

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