They get stuck, and they won’t go away

News Flash: I have officially become a “creepy guy magnet.” *

I went to Downtown Brew to get my college football fix last Saturday. I must have looked like such a sports nerd. I had the Alabama-Georgia game on the screen in front of me, the stats from the Auburn-New Mexico State on my computer screen (thank you, DTB, for wireless internet!) and a head phone in one ear to catch the AU commentary. Yep. I am a complete football dork. But I currently do not have cable, nor will I in the near future, so I do what I have to do.

In this state, however, I am alluring to washed-up salesmen who have had one too many to drink. No really. This 30-year-old dude (He showed me his license because I didn’t believe him) comes up out of nowhere and starts asking me all these questions about why I have a computer, and what am I watching, blah, blah, blah. And dang if I didn’t let him keep talking. Maybe it’s a signal of how desperate I am for someone to join me in my Saturday football craziness, but I let the guy chat. And chat. Then the Bame-UGA game went into overtime, and he said he was happy because he would get to hang out with me longer.

I think I’ve got to quit being nice to random guys.

* Batteries not included.



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4 responses to “They get stuck, and they won’t go away

  1. Kenny

    I hear tasers are good.

  2. Scooby

    Good call. I think I’ll invest.

  3. smitken

    Just remember: Point the sticky electric parts away from yourself.

  4. Mary

    I’m nice to everyone—that’s why I always need a bodyguard…

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