Late Bloomer

Hi, my name is Lauren, and I’m addicted to The Office. (Hi Lauren.)

So, I don’t have cable TV. And I quit watching network television sometime back when Friends and Seinfeld went off the air. But not long ago, I was in Los Angeles visiting an old friend, and she was watching The Office when I got to her hotel room. My stomach was hurting I laughed so hard.

Then my roomie C brought home Season Two of The Office. C is responsible for many of my addictions (So You Think You Can Dance and The Office) and I am responsible for hers (Ticket to Ride.) I have devoured two discs thus far.

I busted a gut when Dwight delivered the Mussolini speech.

And you can’t beat those moments when someone says something completely off the wall, and Jim gives the camera a look. Classic.


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