Downtown oasis

I just moved to a new neighborhood, but already I have a favorite spot. Coffee shops always seem to be my social hub, no matter where I end up living, and Linnea’s Cafe has all I could ask for in a coffee shop: good drinks, yummy treats, and wireless internet. These three things alone mean that I could dwell there for an indefinite amount of time (read: all day, to escape my housemates) and be good to go. My favorite bit of Linnea’s is the back patio. It’s a little oasis in the middle of downtown. There’s a pond where some goldfish live, and a vine-covered arbor in case you need a cool place to sit. Which I could have used today, while I was sunburning down in Pismo. (75 and sunny on the Central Coast right now. Take that, suckas!) I’ve made several trips to the cafe already, since it’s a convenient four-odd blocks away. We are internet-less at the moment, so I go to use the free goodness…well, that’s only partly true. Thank you, nameless neighbors who didn’t password protect their wireless modem. Anyway, when the neighbor’s connection is unavailable, I saunter down the road. Jeez, i love living downtown.



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2 responses to “Downtown oasis

  1. Anne Dayton

    I always get mad when I come across a password-protected wireless signal. Why can’t they just share?? Ok, fine, my own wireless signal is protected, but come on.

    Anyway, Linnea’s sounds awesome. And the weather! Stop rubbing it in!

  2. May Vanderbilt

    You have definitely identified the holy trinity of qualities for the great coffee houses of the world. When a cafe wants me to pay for WiFi I’m always like, But I paid for this latte!!!

    And I’ve never been to San Luis Obispo but it looks so amazing.

    Do you ride that cute trolley sometimes?

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