Situational comedy

Sometimes I do things that make me chuckle, although I think they are only amusing to me.

Take Tuesday, for example. I was headed to Bible study, which was just around the corner. I’m trying to walk more, since I now live near downtown. Of course, it’s been like the second coming of The Flood this week in SLO, so I would have been justified if I had taken my car down the street. But I’m trying to be good, so I bundled up in hoodie, coat and thick shoes, and started walking. Before I left the house, I grabbed a spoon and dug into my roommate’s cookie dough in the fridge (shhh…don’t tell her.) So I’m trudging along in the rain, munching on cookie dough. I finished by the time I reached the street, but what to do with the spoon? To top it off, I couldn’t find my friend’s house, so there I am, wandering up and down the street, looking for this house with a spoon in my hand.

I guess you had to be there…


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