Long lost twin?

I visited Calvary Shoreline this Sunday, making it three weeks in a row where I’ve been in church. Woot!

It was a particularly cold and windy day. As in, so windy I could have sworn I saw a cow fly past, and was almost knocked on my rear twice while trying to get to the church door. (Note to self: Never wear heels when the weather calls for cold, rain and wind. Much harder to dash from car to church.) After service, I wound up walking behind a guy who was wearing shorts and sandals. Shorts and sandals! Really! Oh, you Californians. Afraid to admit when the weather is too cold for beach wear.

Exiting the church, I turned to him.
Me: “Aren’t you freezing in shorts?”
Shorts guy: “Oh no. My love of king and country keep me warm.”
Me: *loud guffaw*

I think I frightened him with my, um, unique laugh, but I don’t care who you are, that’s funny right there. I think I may have found my male counterpart, because that’s exactly the kind of randomness that would come out of my own mouth.


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4 responses to “Long lost twin?

  1. Mary


    You have to be making that up…that is awesome—

  2. Scooby

    Would I make something like this up? Not hardly.

    To top it off, he was kinda cute, and I basically laughed really loud in his face. Then couldn’t really think of anything to say.

  3. Kenny

    Grit your teeth, and think of England.

  4. Mary

    Can I use this??? I’ll give you a credit…

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