The night time is the write time

I recently e-mailed an old friend of mine (Hi K!) and we’ve been in this conversation about Ryan Adams and other randomness. Really randomness. Although K and I lost touch for a good long while (How long has been K? Eight years?), we still jabber away as if we were still hanging out back in our maudlin university days. There are always those people who bring out the best in us, and K inspires me to write my little heart out, the likes of which hasn’t happened much since I quit my writing job two years ago. Maybe it’s the whacked out way he writes. Or the fact that he acts as if I am a competent writer….heh. Whatever, it’s helping me. Loads.

Which brings me to the point: The two of us have been mulling over doing some writing together to see what might come out. If you’ve read my anecdotes on this blog, then you know what this could mean. Utter, chaotic fun! Yay! And K is a much better writer than me. Really. Could be epic.

Now I just have to figure out when I’m going to do said writing. The middle of the night? Cause at the moment, that’s about all the time I have with DTS going on right now.


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  1. Jessica

    ryan adams!! yay!

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