BIts of brain

There is no escaping it: I am in love with Ryan Adams. Well maybe I love his music. Yeah, not in love. Just love his art. Anyway, I went to see him in Santa Barbara a few weeks ago with my friend Jess, and she was so amazing as to get me a live bootleg of the show. Bliss. Petulant child he may be, but Adams was so put together on stage. The band was on, and when the audience let him, he navigated the show and gave folks what they came for. I am thankful for Jess and her brother, who are directly responsible for me getting to see cool shows in California. It’s a little more complicated to get to said shows, because no one really comes to SLO. You have to travel to Santa Barbara, San Francisco or LA to see anything not local.

*sigh* It makes me miss Nashville.


I’m listening to David Bazan, formerly of Pedro the Lion. I’m liking one I’m hearing, although it’s taking me a little while to get used to it. It’s folk rock with pop sensibilities. Well, half of it anyway. It’s five songs done pop style, the redone acoustic. I feel slightly ripped off that there’s not more material, but I do like the songs. I recommend it. But not more than Easy Tiger.


Onetruth Clothing is closing up shop after 10 years. I remember going to Cornerstone a couple of years and seeing their booth, but I didn’t know much about it. I tended to buy CD’s by the handful, and sort of missed the whole thing. Then I moved to the Central Coast and learned more about this amazing company and what they stand for. Really, a very cool group of people, headed up by a guy with his heart in the right place. Visit them at, check out the designs, and maybe purchase something as they close the book on their ministry.


I made curried butternut squash soup tonight. Oh dear. That. Was. Amazing. I will be making this stuff by the bucketload in the near future.


Books are meant to be read, not sit on your shelf at home. Remember that kids.



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4 responses to “BIts of brain

  1. Jessica

    books are meant to be read…….. who exactly are you targeting with this little comment, missy?

    and how did you get away with making curried butternut squash without sharing any with me?

  2. Yates

    I discovered butternut squash soup a while ago and have fallen in love with it. Is your curried butternut squash difficult?

  3. Mary

    I thought you didn’t like squash….does that mean I can cook with it this weekend?

  4. Scooby

    Yates: It’s pretty simple. The hardest bit is roasting the squash. Of course, I was also cooking for 20…Let me know if you want the recipe.

    Mary: I like squash better now than I used to. Just don’t cook like my mother. Blech. I mean really, my mom is an amazing cook, but somehow she missed the squash boat.

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