Death is taxes, and I’m ready for a vacation

I just helped put 13 missionary students and three staff on an airplane headed to Southeast Asia. I’m tired. I can’t find anyone who can do my taxes by Saturday, and I’m leaving the country on Monday. So I used TurboTax. Please God, I pray I did it right. On a happier note, God supplied the money I needed to pay my taxes, which is a huge weight off my mind.

By the way, I, the Queen of Travel Planning, who has trouble being separated from her guide book and maps, has done precious little planning for this England trip. Jessica, who is traveling with me, and has a similar disease, has done no planning to speak of either. The only things on our agenda so far: Camden Market, British Museum, Burn Service at St. Alban’s, Fifteen (Jamie Oliver’s restaurant, and our one blowout food event. Can you say, “Hello sandwiches!”) Don’t get me wrong. We plan on doing plenty, particularly the free museums; we just aren’t sure what we will be in the mood for. We also get the feeling that God has some spontaneous things for us on this trip, so we want to leave space for Him to work. I kind of like the fact that we are leaving things so wide open. My brain is fried, and planning properly requires brain power, so I am more than willing to lay aside my OCD trip planning and embrace spontaneity for once. Perhaps after a couple of days at Holmsted, traipsing through the countryside and enjoying the pub at the crossroads, I’ll feel more up to it.

Also, I am determined to fit all of my belongings into a “carry-on” size Samsonite, which I will check, and a small duffel I will take on the plane. Usually, my Girl Scout sense of being prepared for all occasions means that I pack a large suitcase and overpack for the plane as well. Maybe I’m changing my ways. Or maybe I realize getting from Heathrow to Gatwick, then later up to London, is no piece of cake when you have enough luggage for three people.

At any rate, I am looking forward to the eight hours on a plane. It will be my first “slug moment” since January. I can’t wait to delve into “Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers,” and watch all the movies I haven’t rented because it would be a waste of money to spend money on such drivel, but secretly want to see anyway. After that, I’ll take a Tylenol PM, prop myself up against the window, and sleep until we touch down in the land my heart loves. Ah. Bliss.

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