Back on Terra Firma

Flew there and back again, now I’m spit back out in the land of fruits and nuts…and warm weather and glorious spring veggies…YUM! My time in England was incredible. I got to see old friends, and made some new ones. I explored Camden, which I love, and visited some old tourist sites I love.

My favorite moments were when Jessica and I stumbled across some cool corner of the city, and we just stopped to soak it in. InSpiral Cafe in Camden served up tea and a veggie buffet, and The Old Blue Last offered us her best Saturday night crowd. If only I was called to work in England…*sigh* No use in worrying about it, though, since I know that I am called to California. But England will always be my “second country” so to speak. It has been since I was 17, on my very first visit with my French teacher.


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  1. Julie Carobini

    Oh, you’ve been to England! I spent a week or so in Kensington near London right before I got married. My friend and I finally figured out that it’s best to avoid the tourist traps and instead, pop into the pubs around the corner–similar to what you did. Hooray for you for taking such a fun trip.

    I’m here from Anne & May’s, where I read that you live near SLO. Just wanted to say that I love it there, and make a point to stop in your town whenever I’m passing through.

    Cheers 🙂 (or should I’ve said, Cheerio?)

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