Place of peace

Before I went to England, I felt strongly that God had something special for me there. Of course, being me, I thought it was going to be something crazy with fireworks! pyrotechnics! lights, camera, action! But it was nothing like that. It was….peaceful. Which, in the end, was exactly what I needed, and not what I expected. 

I still have friends from my DTS who live and work at Holmsted: Hannah, Jodi, Drew, Daniel, and other staff I got to know and love. It was refreshing just to walk the grounds, to get muddy walking through the fields. Jessica and I took the time to open wide the second-story windows and lean out, smelling the fresh breeze that always hangs sharply around the house. It smells like grass and rain, with a hint of earth. It opens your senses and at the same time, lulls you into peace. 

Ah, Holmsted, being all peaceful and stuff.

Peace. That’s what my England trip ended up being about. I think Holmsted will always be my place of peace, a place where I can go and I know God will meet me and restore me.


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