Well isn’t this fun?

My neck has been bothering me on-and-off since after the holidays, but not having insurance makes it difficult to seek out medical help because you have to pay through the nose for it. Then my friend Jessica told me about Dr. Brian Buchanan, who she said does walk-ins at a reasonable price. So today I went, and boy, my back is way more messed up than I thought. Apparently I have torticollis, where all the vertebrae in your upper back get twisted, causing all the surrounding muscles to spasm. He said my case was pretty bad for someone my age, and though I wasn’t experiencing any numbness or pain in my arms, I was about as bad as I could get before reaching that point, and it would only get worse if I left it. How long have I been like this? Lord only knows, but I also know that the Lord knew I needed to go to the doctor and sent me one that believes in seeing people get well, regardless if they can pay huge amounts of money. Dr. Buchanan is giving me a good deal to come in for the next month to get my back worked out. 


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