Menu du jour

Current state of mind: At peace, at home, working.

Current soundtrack: Postal Service, “Against All Odds.” Phil Collins should be proud. What a great cover. Although my ears are sensitive to the high-pitched bleeps and pops that go into the revamped version. 

Current addiction: Sudoku puzzles.

Current problem: Spelling soduko sudoku.

What I did yesterday: Family dinner as usual, although we revved it up to celebrate Cinco de Mayo. We are a respecter of all cultures here at SLO House, so we ate quesadillas outdoors in the courtyard, hung my awesome Chinese lanterns in the tree, and had scones for dessert. 

What’s got me scratching my head: My chiropractor said I needed to readjust my vibrations. Sure. I’ll get right on that.

My latest edict: Men should not wear shoes that clack, clatter, or in any way sound like women’s high heels when the walk. 

Just a thought: Trader Joe’s employees – Grocery baggers or counselors? 

A second thought: Why is that every time I go into TJ’s, they are stocking at the busiest time of day?


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  1. Interesting … this is the second post about Trader Joe’s that I have read today.

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