Listen up!

I’ve been listening to these guys for a few years now. I got introduced to The Myriad back when they were first signed to Floodgate through some of their label-mates. Fun, pizza-fueled times ensued. The craziest bit was when the bass player, who lives in Seattle, and I figured out that my family is friends with his godfather, who lives in Alabama. *cue popular Disneyland ride theme music*

I can’t say how proud I was to hear that they were up for the MTV2 Breakout band contest. I did some serious voting, and it must have paid off because, ah *buffs fingernails on her jacket* they won. They now have a new album out, With Arrows, With Poise. I highly recommend it. If you are any kind of music supporter, support these guys. They are still down-to-earth and so much fun, even with their success, and their talent will make you do a little happy dance. Remember: It’s important to support bands that aren’t complete arses. It makes the music world a happier place. 


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