Pleasing the masses

After hearing from my reader base (one person…heh) I have decided to try to be more consistent with my blogging. I’m hoping to increase my output by at least 50% (that is, two posts a month as opposed to one.) Apparently, this person finds my posts “amusing.” Right, we’ll see how long she reads if I post every inane thought that comes to mind. Nah. Just kidding. I can’t do that. That might cause me to lose most of my friends and certainly all my enemies as well. Although I quite like the idea of espionage agents reading my posts and trying to find a way to destroy me. So James Bond, no? 

*crickets chirping*

Anyway, today I am posting from Le Grain de Cafe Nautique (Um…that’s The Nautical Bean for our non-French speaking audience.) They recently got the television that hangs in the corner up and running. Of course, they have CNN on, which is not exactly my favorite channel. (And no, Fox News is not my favorite either.) Barack Obama is moments away from winning the Democratic nomination, and I for one am breathing a sigh of relief. I’m kind of ready for a change of pace in the political arena. I don’t think George Bush is an evil man, but I think he has taken bad advice. And don’t get me started on the “whacky tobaccy, I didn’t inhale” Clintons. 

Am I voting for Obama or McCain? Erm, I don’t know yet. And I wouldn’t tell anyone on here anyway, because I am not into political debate. I’m planning on weighing out the candidates because honestly, I have no idea who will do more good for the country. My priorities have changed in the last four years as well, so I want to make sure I’m not voting my old ideals. It’s always a bad idea to simply vote a party, or vote the trendy choice. We’ve been given the right to vote, so I think we need to take it seriously. 

Well, that’s my first post in my new-and-improved effort to be a more consistent blogger. For my one consistent reader out there, I hope this post was to your liking.

*walks off humming Death Cab for Cutie*



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2 responses to “Pleasing the masses

  1. oh but let me tell you…..all the cool kids are voting barack and really what would all this liberal talk be without throwing caution to the wind and voting for the dems!

    keep up the posts, i am a faithful reader….well i may be THE faithful reader

  2. clarityamongconfusion

    Um, not so loud. You might get me in trubs.

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