Stuck in the middle

Today I was randomly thinking about middle names, and what a strange tradition it is to even have one. Very few people ever use theirs, except for “official” occasions. Birth, wedding, graduation, death. Oh, and children who are in trouble. (“Lauren Suzanne, if I ever catch you doing that again…”) 

I thought for a minute about what it would be like if I just decided not to give my children middle names, but I think that’s just even more odd than having one. Plus, most parents I know try to use the middle name as a sort of testing ground for strange names. Like they know they can’t get away with calling their child Agnes Jane, but Sarah Booger or something, oh, that’s cute. The middle name is the parents’ chance to be creative and unique without getting their child beat up on the playground.

At any rate, I think I’ve decided that whatever I end up calling my kids one day, I’ll try to use both names if possible. Get some milage out of those suckers, you know? 


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