Adventure in Ventura

Ventura. The destination for tomorrow. My friend Jessica and I have long designated this weekend as “Camping Extravaganza” since Jess is moving to Thailand in less than a month. Unfortunately, fires have been breaking out all over California, which means parks get shut down, some until there is significant rain (good luck with that,) while others are opened with the provision of no fires at the campsite. And who wants to camp without a campfire?

When sites shut down in one place, it usually causes a rush everywhere else, and we’re thinking the chances of getting a spot this weekend are slim to none. So we’re opting for Ventura instead, with a little time by the ocean and in the thrift stores. I’m stoked because Ventura is a blast. It’s like a mix of the things I love about Santa Barbara (good shopping, hometown feel) and LA (a little flash and dazzle), without all the things I hate (SB: too snooty, feels like a Disney parade is always seconds away; LA: grody and traffic-clogged.) It’s kind of like what people who have never visited Southern California envision Los Angeles to be like. 

I’m hoping to get some killer pictures tomorrow, because I haven’t taken my camera out in ages. (Bad Lauren!) Stay tuned for more!

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