Sweet Home Alabama?

While I consider myself a part of the global community and travel everywhere from Africa to Alabama, I still have origins, a place where I was shaped into who I am now. It’s quite funny when people ask where I am from, and I proudly proclaim, “Alabama!” Usually it gets one of two reactions: people feel sorry for me, that I grew up in such a podunk place, or they get excited and ask questions like, “Do you have cows in your front yard?”

I laugh it off, but seriously, there are some cool things about growing up in Alabama. Things are much more laid-back there, people have manners, and folks are pretty friendly (as long as you support the same football team.) Plus, you get to see stuff like this:

I’m going back to this place, after I celebrate my 10-year release from prison high school reunion. I can’t wait!



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3 responses to “Sweet Home Alabama?

  1. I still want to know about the cows…

  2. clarityamongconfusion

    There are no cows, dang it.

  3. I really like cows-it would be ok if there were-

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