My house, is a very very very fine house

For those of you who do not live in California and have wondered, “Where does Lauren live out there? A box? The beach? In a hippie commune?” I’ve got some photos to show you. 

First up, the view from my balcony. We like to have dinner out here on warm nights. That’s my landlord Richard on the grill. Richard and his wife Oma are like the resident grandparents in my apartment complex.

This is the new bricked area Richard just put in. It’s not quite finished because everything that gets updated is done at what I call “Richard speed.” It’s just above turtle on the speed scale. But he does nice stuff, so it’s worth the wait. 

This is the view of my living room from the front door. We currently have a lot of furniture in our living room because we are babysitting a couch for a friend who’s getting a new place in October. Not that we mind. That couch is comfy! 

Our new living room art work was done by Nathan, who used to work at the mail place next to where I work. 

Here’s the other side of the living room, featuring shelving, a TV with no cable, and the hall leading to both bedrooms and the bathroom. My room is the one with the door cracked, but there are no pictures because that room is, um, indisposed, at the moment. Maybe later.

Our nice little kitchen with green tile. I even washed dishes for you. Lucky you!

Well, that’s about it. It’s kinda small, but it’s cozy and homey, and we love it. It’s about three blocks from downtown, which is great because there’s so much to do there – coffee, shopping, Farmer’s Market on Thursdays. 

Next go round, I’ll show you more of the town where I live.


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