Sandwich snobbery

I’m in love with little inconsequential sandwich shops, particularly the ones with their unique quirks. You know what I’m talking about. The places where you walk in the first time, and you have to stop and look around for a second to figure out the system. Either the sandwich makers yell orders at each other, or you place an order on a card and bring it to the front. Then you have to know if you ought to hang about waiting on your sandwich or take a seat and they’ll bring it to you. It’s all a dizzying fine art, but those who don’t truly appreciate will complain that it would just be easier to give their order at the register or pull their sandwich out of a refrigerator case. 


I love it, though. Because after a couple of visits to get you initiated, you know that the guy slicing the deli meat is going to ask you questions in rapid fire, so you better know what you want. You  know that it’s better to claim a table first, or just take your sandwich to go. It’s like your in this little club, and you can revel in your sandwich snobbery when the new folks come in and forget to fill out their sandwich order, only to be sent to the back of the line. Suckers. It’s a dog-eat-dog world, and knowing how to order a sandwich is vital to survival.



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2 responses to “Sandwich snobbery

  1. oh, to be transported to High St. Deli for one turkey pesto sandwich that will inevitably take at least 30 minutes to be made even if it was pre-ordered on the phone, and handed to you only if you asked for it like 20 times, but will be sooo worth the wait.

    crazy pot smokin’ sando makers…..

  2. clarityamongconfusion

    Yes! Pot smokin’ sando makers make them best though, because they know what goes best on the sandwich after years of permanent munchies. You know?

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