Single state

Just got done watching a very thoughtful movie, Happy-Go-Lucky. I’m sure all the cool Tumblr-folk have already seen it, but I live in smalltown Cali, so whatevs. (We have the first-ever solar-powered cinema, though, so booya.) 

I loved this film. Witty dialogue (good Lord, I love the British) and just a million, million great things about it. It made me think about my little corner of the universe, how I’m still single (six years and counting,) and exactly what I should do with myself in this life. I mean, there are moments when it is pretty crap, but I have tons to offer the world (my warmth, hospitality, and writing.) When I take time out to think about it, things are good.  I can travel anywhere I want, do my do-gooding, go to the movies, and hang out with my guy friends without someone getting jealous. 

I’m convinced we live in a system that tells us we can’t be happy alone. Tell some people you are (almost) 29 and single, and they either give you the pity look, or ask some really insensitive question. I think single people have to be the most gracious people around, because the single state brings out people’s bad manners, and there’s no one around to protect you from dumb questions. So, to all those out there who just have to ask, or give me the pity stare, I’m good. I’m more than good. I’m right where I need to be in life, and if someone comes along, then I consider it a blessing to add to the hundred I already have.


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