Ha! I’m back! And with better neck wear.


Hello to you all! I have been a horribly negligent blogger as of late. I spent most of December in Alabama, resting and getting my feet back under me. It was good times, but I am glad to be back in California!

Oh yes. And to Marion Wells, who called me the Little Rebel Missionary, I thank you! That was the best compliment I got all holiday. I will try my best to do that nickname justice. 😀 Thus the bandit look.


Above you see me in my overly large, bright orange checkered neck kerchief. It’s actually there to keep my neck warm so I don’t have to die a little every time my chiropractor adjusts my neck. I’ve been wearing it all day. Fashion or bust!


Today on the freeway, a guy cut me off, almost causing a wreck. I would like to say I reacted well. I did not.


I am starting a magazine! It finally has a name! I have used too many exclamation marks!

(Oh yeah. The magazine will be called Hope, Ink.)


I was just thinking the other day about my work as a missionary, and how crazy you have to be to work on the fringes of the universe with those in the margins of the pages of history. There are missionaries in India that have their lives threatened every day by Hindu priests. One friend of mine was almost bombed by a foreign government. Others work with prostitutes in Asia, where powerful people could snuff them out. 

It’s a crazy life. Sometimes I have to remind myself I don’t do it for the stories, or the glory. I do it for God. He’s done so much for me, it’s the least I can do to lay down my life for his causes in the margins.


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