A little poll

I am interested to see who reads my blog. So if you read this, click the “Comment” button and leave me a message!



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7 responses to “A little poll

  1. marion wells

    Yes, I read your blog; and check often to see if you’ve added anything. Want to stay in touch with you and see where God leads you.

  2. I read but stop sometimes when you stop writing.

  3. I don’t mean that mean…just wish you would write more often-

  4. two tin cans and a mircrophone…where i’m at…

  5. I do, but we don’t know each other. I think I found you on modesty?
    either way, I dig your style. you seem pretty rad! hope it’s cool that I lurk from time to time.

  6. Deborah Nelson

    I read your blog when I think of it. I do more often now. I like it when you keep it updated.

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