I love LA????


K, I have not enjoyed LA this much since I moved to California. Dodgers game first. I avoided the $15 parking by pulling into Echo Park and using one of their lots, after asking this cute couple if it was walkable. They said sure, but ended up offering me a ride. Turns out they were some family members of a Rockies player, and I got dropped off right at the front. I did buy one of those spray bottle/fans, which was $15, so that nixed my savings, but that contraption was a total lifesaver in the heat today and I’ll use it again.

Then instead of going the easy way back to the interstate, I came down the hill through the park and landed in this really cool up-and-coming neighborhood, the kind I feared LA had none of. That is Stories Bookstore behind me. I’m currently noshing on their cheese, salami and salad plate, which would only be surpassed by the hummus plate, but they were out. Oh well. It can’t get me down. This day has been stellar. Now I almost hate to get back on the interstate.


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  1. So glad you’re liking L.A. I tell you what, moving to San Francisco was so good for me. The Pacific! The amazing weather! The laidback lifestyle. It’s such a nice change from the East Coast.

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