Over the last six months, I think I’ve gone from being an extrovert to an introvert. I just want to be away from people for the most part, it seems. Which is weird for me, because I used to go to the mall during Christmas just to be around people.

But when I think about it, it makes complete sense. I now live in a house with three other gals, one bathroom. I share a room with someone who is several years younger than me. At my former house, there were three of us, but they were often gone and I had the house to myself. Now it seems I can’t get away from people.

I am perfectly content to be alone over Christmas this year. I’ll be with family for a bit, but my parent’s house is huge, and I can hide out when I need to. Then Nashville. I’m staying with friends, but they work. The prospect of wandering through Nashville alone — visiting the places I want to visit without anyone else complaining about me dragging them everywhere — is absolute bliss.


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