Where you been??

Where in the world have I been, right? Well, I got caught up in creating the magazine (INSERT SHAMELESS PLUG HERE!!) and generally trying to make it in life.

Yep. A couple of months, my counselor and I came to the conclusion that I was struggling with some mild depression. I’m out of the dumps now, and I’ve started figuring out things I can do when I am not feeling so hot. It’s been a journey of working through my feelings and dumping stuff that isn’t important or vital to life. As much as I love blogging, I had to take a step away and sort through things.

So what have I been doing during my seclusion?

Learning to tap into my inner artist.

My first stab at watercolor.

My first stab at watercolor.

Doing some Kay Arthur awesomeness on my Bible.

Look at all the pretty colors!

Look at all the pretty colors!

Journaling and eating lots of goodies at my favorite cafe, Sally Loo’s. (Sorry Mom!)

That's a vegan chocolate peanut butter cupcake. Nom nom nom!

That's a vegan chocolate peanut butter cupcake. Nom nom nom!

Oh, and working, working, working on the magazine. Vacation with the base. Visiting Alabama. Phew.

Thanks to all of you who pray for me, and to those who keep up with me through this blog, come back soon. I am planning to write much more here in the near future. 🙂


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I know, I know

Long time, no chat. It’s been the craziness lately. Check out Hope Ink to see where all the craziness has gone.

Have no fear, though. I have plans to write here, very very soon.

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Like my stickers?

Photo 23
I’m an honorary aunt to four children (the kids of my fellow missionaries) which means I often come home covered in something after a visit with them.

Today, thank goodness, it was stickers.

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Living on an island

I came to the strange realization this morning that I am interested in absolutely no guys. None. No crushes, no interest, no nothing. I’m pretty convinced there are no males in the SLO county area that would meet with my approval at the moment. Perhaps that is because there are very few guys here in my age range, and the ones that are seem to be completely self-absorbed and living either as lushes, primped-up pretty boys or surf bums. What’s up with that?

I’m really OK with this, but it’s just weird that there is no one. I feel like I’m out on this island, a little drifty, getting on with life, and enjoying the time I am spending here.

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Smile Friday

Photo 54
Laughing at my roommate Natasha. Ha!

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I don’t wish this on anyone, but it was fun

Here’s a tale of adventure from Monday and Tuesday. Welcome to my crazy life!

* I had to pick up the Barrows from LAX at 5:20 a.m., so I left Monday afternoon for LA.

* Went on a dinner date to Chili John’s in Burbank. Delicious chili. I’m sold (on the chili, not my date.) I had to keep upping the heat factor because it wasn’t spicy enough, while he shut it down. I bragged all the way to the car.

* Stayed at YWAM LA. Back started to hurt around 10:30. At 11:30, two Korean girls who were staying across the hall proceeded to gab the night away, tromp up and down the hall and slam doors.

* 2 a.m. – I put on clothes (I forgot my PJ’s) then went to tell the Korean girls to can it, I had to wake up in two hours. I wasn’t even my usual nice self due to lack-of-sleep delirium.

* I was jolted awake by my alarm at 4:20, and proceeded to go through two rounds of snooze before I got up.

* 4:40 thought process: ‘Oh crap, I don’t want to be late. 5:20. That gives me 40 minutes. Ugh. They can wait on me. Plus, immigration takes a while.’

* I arrived at LAX at the international terminal, only to find it in some strange state where there’s lots of construction, and signs don’t really mean what they say. This is its normal state, let me just tell you.

* Had an enlightening conversation with a security check guy about what those signs really meant. Oh, LAX, you silly thing you! *chuckle*

* Stared blankly at the arrivals board. The first Emirates flight wasn’t due until 1:55 p.m.

* Had an enlightening conversation with an information lady who informed that Emirates didn’t usually have flights that early in the morning. In fact, they never do.

* Drove to Starbucks for wireless, and to confirm my fear.

* Yup. 1:55 p.m. Thoughts of murder begin to make their way into my brain. Realize that would be a sin, and murderous thoughts cease.

* Stare blankly at my computer screen. Now what? I’m at the awkward stage of the day where there are no shops or attractions open. The only place to be is….Starbucks.

* Did I mention my back was in screaming pain at this point?

* Briefly consider renewing my season pass for Disneyland. Too expensive. Eventually change my mind, and head for The Getty instead. You can’t beat a free museum.

* $10 for parking, you say? Oh. All right. You can’t beat an almost free museum.

* Saw cool portrait exhibits, and a couple of maritime paintings, including one awesome painting of a storm.

* Bought a book of Jo Anna Callis’ photographs.

* Made it back to the airport in plenty of time to pick up my wayward travelers, complete with Curious George coloring book for Eli.

* Loaded base director, wife, and two kids into the Mirth Mobile and headed for SLO.

* Dropped the family off. Rolled around on the exercise ball and laughed at Liam’s roar. Kid likes to roar. It’s really cute.

* Decided it wasn’t worth it to make dinner. Resolved on stopping at Trader Joe’s for frozen curry dinner.

* “Oh, I’ll just grab a few things, since I’m here.” Walked out of Trader Joe’s with $60 worth of groceries.

* Note to self: Do not buy groceries when you’ve only had two hours of sleep.

* Ate Dutch almond windmill cookies and drew a bath. So tired I fell asleep with the ice pack for my aching back still under me.


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Attention men: Unless you are a pirate, or under the age of 10, you should not wear a bandana covering your hair. Rolled up sweatband style is acceptable, but only if you are participating in physical activity of some kind.

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